Orthodontics for children and adults

For new and existing patients of CLINIQ Dejvice.

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Range of orthodontic services

  • Removable braces - in the period when the first milk teeth start to replace the permanent ones, it is possible to help with certain types of misalignments with coloured braces. For them to work well, you need to be commit-ted to wearing them as much as possible so that the problem can be solved as quickly as possible. They are definitely not just for overnight. High motivation on the part of the young patient and con-sistent help from the parents are essential. After the treatment, the result is stabilised by the night guard and we can only wait for the other teeth to be replaced.

  • Fixed apparatus - locks and arches, fixed braces. They are necessary for some types of defects. They are effective but difficult to clean and can cause temporary discomfort to the patient. However, they can correct cer-tain problems that other types of braces cannot. When cleaned with precision, they can adorn the patient like jewellery.

  • Foil apparatus - an aesthetic way to correct a wide range of bite defects. But they are not all-powerful. Their main advantages are that they require less force and are generally more comfortable to use. The biggest advantage remains the ease of cleaning the teeth, as the trays are removed before each meal and a toothbrush is always needed after eating - both on the teeth and on the trays themselves. Must be worn 22 hours a day!

  • Pre-treatment - it is ideal to correct certain types of defects with a specific type of appliance before braces or foils are applied. This can greatly reduce the size of the problem and make subsequent healing much easier and quicker. However, timing is of the essence and early diagnosis of the orthodontic problem is very important.

  • Stabilisation - a necessary part of any treatment which, once the teeth have been straightened, ensures a long last-ing and satisfactory result for many years. Teeth have a tendency to return to their original position after orthodontic treatment, so it is important to stabilise the result and check twice a year to make sure everything is OK.

How the first visit takes place with us

  • Finding the nearest suitable date

  • The first appointment usually lasts about 30 minutes. After the initial welcome, the dentist will exam-ine you and make a note of the findings and the likely course of action. We will then take a scan of your teeth and possibly a review x-ray so that we can discuss the likely course of action and the esti-mated cost of treatment. We will illustrate everything on freshly taken documentation and explain what needs to be treated, how and why. You will then have the opportunity to discuss everything in the privacy of your own home. If circumstances allow, a full initial examination (30 minutes) can be carried out during the first visit so that we have enough information to draw up a detailed treatment plan. This includes a photographic documentation of the teeth, a remote profile X-ray and possibly a 3D X-ray. In short, everything necessary for diagnosis and a detailed treatment plan. The presenta-tion of the planned treatment will take place at intervals of several weeks. We carefully consider many options and always try to choose the best one for the patient. Treatment should be as short as possible, but in orthodontic terms this often means 18 months. Once we have discussed the pro-posed plan with you, we will agree a date for you to start treatment.

Price list

Pricing is always individual and based on a treatment plan that reflects the condition of the teeth. You will always be informed of the total cost of treatment, which usually lasts an average of 2 years, before it begins.

  • Initial consultation 1000,- Kč

  • Initial documentation and creation of treatment plan 3500 - 6000,- Kč

  • Removable apparatus from 6000,- Kč

  • Fixed apparatus from 95 000,- Kč

  • Foil apparatus from 95 000,- Kč

  • Stabilisation from 15 000,- Kč

Who will take care of you

MDDr. Zděněk Řehoř

Specialist in orthodontics

Education: 2009-2015 at the Faculty of Dentistry of Charles University in Hradec Králové, 2016-2019 at the 1st Faculty of Dentistry of Charles University in Prague.

MDDr. Zdeněk Řehoř always tries to put the patient first when planning the therapy, taking into ac-count their needs and wishes, while adhering to medical principles and considering the optimal re-sult. He is supported by a range of modern technologies and, above all, by a reliable team.

For the first few years after qualifying, he worked in a very prestigious place and had the opportunity to discuss treatment methods with the most competent professionals in all dental disciplines.

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