Price list

The detailed price and treatment plan is determined on the basis of the initial examination, evaluation of X-rays and other diagnostic possibilities. CLINIQ Dejvice has a contract with health insurance companies.

Initial examination for adults

2 500 CZK

(includes detailed X-ray, examination with Carl Zeiss microscope, photo documentation, determination of treatment and pricing plan)

Initial examination for children

from 1 500 CZK

Dental hygiene

from 1 890 CZK

(includes examination, instruction, tartar removal using the state-of-the-art AIRFLOW EMS Prophylaxis Master for maximum gentle and painless treatment)

Composite filling for adults

from 3 500 CZK

Composite filling for children

from 2 500 CZK

Endodontics / Root canal treatment

from 12 000 CZK

Tooth extraction

from 3 500 CZK

Ceramic / Zirconia crown

from 13 900 CZK

Straumann dental implant (without crown)

from 20 000 CZK

Crown for implant

19 500 CZK

Removable prosthesis

according to the treatment plan

Teeth whitening Purewhitening

from 9 500 CZK

Treatment outside the doctor's office hours, outside the clinic opening hours (holidays, weekends)

from 5 000 CZK

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